Hello and welcome to Sugar Skull Pittie Rescue.  My name is Laura.  A few years ago I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and came across a site called Urgent Part 2.  It was a site showcasing dogs (mostly Bully breeds) who were set to be killed in the New York Animal Care and Control system. Many of these dogs were highly adoptable, young, dogs who happened to catch a cold while in the shelter. Catching a cold is enough reason to be slated for death in the NYACC.   56 % of dogs who enter the shelter system are euthanized for various reasons. I needed to understand why?  I learned more about shelters all over the country and how so many are just exploding with dogs. Pit Bulls are especially prevalent in shelters due to BSL (Breed Specific Legislation).  I had to do something so I chose to foster. To date, I have fostered many dogs who otherwise may have been euthanized.  I adopted 3 of my own from the NYACC and my local Humane Society. They were my inspiration to start this rescue in order to help as many dogs like them as I could. They are my children, my life. To think my 3 dogs could've been one of the many unlucky dogs who never made it out of the shelter system is unthinkable, but a reality for so many dogs.  Your support is the backbone of this organization and I thank you on behalf of myself and all the Pitties that we can save together because you took the time to care. 

Sugar Skull Pittie Rescue